This is Funbrain!!!!!!!

All codes are for fifth grade funbrain. The gamepeice I use is the stormcloud. These codes are for completing that level. Good luck.

Fifth Grade Boys

Penguin Drop                                                      mouse6

Mighty Guy 1                                                       pound6

Water Bug                                                           lasso6

Roly Poly Rodeo                                                  puppy6

Creepy Crawlers                                                  lukcy6

Switch                                                                munch6

Extreme Air                                                        mush6

Swarm                                                                laser6

Planetary Pinball                                                 puzzle6

Pig Toss                                                              mouth6

Music Memorizer                                                 money6

Mighty Guy 2                                                      pigpen6 

Fifth Grade Girls

Penguin Drop                                                     curl6

Mighty Girl 1                                                      drink6

Water Bug                                                         chip6

Poly Poly Rodeo                                                 drip6

Creepy Crawlers                                                gallon6

Switch                                                               gasp6

Extreme Air                                                       hobo6

Swarm                                                              hope6

Planetary Pinball                                                beard6

Pig Toss                                                            fancy6

Music Memorizer                                               hops6

Mighty Girl 2                                                     chin6

Funbrain Glitch

For some games like mighty guy/girl 1 and 2, or extreme air you can get to the end quikly by just right clicking on the game screen and going down to forward. Experiment with this glitch and see what else you can find with it. You may also find another hint too.